Our District Chairman     

  Mr Graeme J. Wilson MBE



When the Deeside District Scout Council was officially established I agreed to continue to hold the position of District Chairman until a younger person could be found to take over this important position, as I am in my 78th year and so far have not got started to be an “active computer operator”.
I do however wish to play my part by giving an input to the District website on the “Chairman’s page”.
Recently I had the sad duty of taking an active roll in a memorial service held in the memory of a former Banchory Scout, who had played a very active support role in the “Banchory Gang Shows” some years ago, and I also attended the dedication of a Scout Flag in the memory of a young female Beaver Leader in Banchory, who had died of cancer.
The names of William Pirie and Sharon Abbot will always be part of the history of Scouting in Banchory
I will shortly be extending an invitation to the leaders in both our District and to our friends over the hill in Kincardineshire District, to visit the new re-furbished Scout HQ in Banchory, and I do hope that at every level there should be exchanges at all levels within this double District of Scouting.
I often feel that everyone involved in this wonderful game of Scouting does tend to have such a full work programme that time is not easy to find to make contact beyond one’s own circle, but please remember, there are no walls dividing us, so please use this “web” to say hello from time to time.
Many Groups in the U.K. are in this year (i.e. 2009) celebrating a hundred years of Scouting and I would love to hear that Groups are recording their history, and in some cases they hope to publish them. I would be delighted to receive any record from any Group on their Group.


There was a philosopher called Wittenstein who once wrote –
“I do not know why we are in this world, but for one thing certain, we are not put here simply to enjoy ourselves.”


Clearly Scouting was not born when he wrote this
Enjoy your Scouting.


Graeme Wilson

Chairman, Deeside District Scout Council


Graeme Wilson MBE has been an adult leader in the Scout Association for over 50 years, holding just about every conceivable position at Group, District (County/ Area) level possible, in addition to serving on the Scottish Committee of the Scout Association.
Graeme, who is usually known by his Scouting name "Bosun", was awarded the Silver Wolf (The Chief Scouts personal award for services to Scouting) in 1984.
A person more able to Chair our District meetings, with his wide experience in Scouting would be difficult to find – Youth is great, but experience has its place.

Dave Torrance.  District Commissioner